Madhubani Painting - Godna Style

This is an simple style of madhubani Painting. A German anthropologist, Erika Moser encourage many dusadh women to start painting in between 1972 to 78 and they started a simple style of Madhubani Painting. The first initiative taken by Chano Devi derived from the tattoo images many of them had on their arms and legs. This style of Madhubani painting came to be known as godna(tattoo) paintings of Madhubani Painting. These paintings largely composed of rows and concentric circles of flowers, fields, animals, figures and spirits drawn with a pointed bamboo pen and lampblack ink. This style was adopted by many dusadh women and soon was further innovated to include the use of bamboo brushes and a range of colors made from flowers, leaves, barks, berries, etc. The themes of the paintings also expanded and they came to include complex scenes from their daily village life and ritual practices. The tree of life, images of Hindu Gods and the 27 legendry hero of the Dusadhs Raja Salhesh have also started appearing commonly in the paintings of Chano Devi and other artists using the godna style of Madhubani Painting.

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